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Commander's Quest
The Dragons of Rhaegos #2
HD March

Scheduled Release: April 2017

Saving her sister should be simple, so what could go wrong?

When Wren's sister is kidnapped off a Luna base station little does she expect her rescue to cause so many complications? It's supposed to be simple. Steal ship, find Larkin and bring her home.

What is so difficult?

First there's the charismatic Garrus whose ship she's taken over. They crash land on the planet of Esconus, known as a melting pot of evil. Evil they soon discover, although the fact that Garrus admits he's a dragon shifter makes Wren feel safer. Unfortunately Wren finds herself falling for the irritable male. However Garrus makes it clear she's an easy lay. A statement that doesn't go down well. Captured by the Solarians they are put into the arena, a deadly fighting ground where there's only one winner. Yet circumstances tear them apart.

They struggle for survival, on a planet neither has known the like of before.

Ghost of a Chance
The Poppy Jones Chronicles #1
Gina Kay

Scheduled Release: May 2017

Fueled by wine and revenge, Poppy Jones will do whatever it takes to find her fiance's killer, even if it means receiving help from their former vampire lover.

Only Poppy Jones can see the ghost of her fiance, Jackson. To find his killer, she must seek the help of their ex-lover, a vampire named Lucas. Lucas had loved Jackson as much as she and the three were nearly inseparable until Jackson's death. While awaiting her day of vengeance, Poppy Jones is hired to find the missing daughter of a very powerful man. As she tries to prove the suspected kidnapper's innocence, she is inadvertently forced into a toxic friendship with him. Poppy finds her quests intertwining and the two work together to find the truth behind the girl's disappearance and the location of Jackson's killer.

Loving the Celebrity Chef
The Rosettis #1
Caenys Kerr

Scheduled Release: May 2017

A holiday fling with an Australian celebrity chef might just end up being more than French tourist, Angelique, can mix into her Michelin-bound delicacies.

Angelique is on vacation when she is left destitute by a thief at a backpackers' hotel and is forced to find work. She is hired as a chef at Rosettis restaurant where Vincent is the Head Chef.

Vincent is wary of the French dessert chef not just because his celebrity status attracts attention from total strangers, but because he didn't get to vet her qualifications before she landed in his kitchen courtesy of his mother and grandmother. But she is as alluring as her desserts and he just can't get enough of her.

Confident that her troubles in Australia will soon be behind her, Angelique keeps her focus firmly on earning enough money to get home to France and back to building her career. She hasn't counted on her holiday fling with the celebrity chef becoming something that might threaten her plans.

The Hidden Duchess
Bree Verity

Scheduled Release: May 2017

Can a headstrong Parisian duchess find love in the arms of a lowly peasant farmer?

Celeste, duchesse de Saint Tours is forced into hiding with her peasant cousins to avoid arrest. She doesn't expect to be put to work as a peasant farmer. Neither does she expect to enjoy it.

And she certainly doesn't expect to fall in love with her handsome cousin, Marcel.

To her surprise, she discovers a feeling of purpose and belonging that she never felt before.

But when her identity is revealed, Celeste and Marcel will need to fight, not only for their love, but for Celeste's very life.

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Spicy: High level of sensuality, detailed love scenes, graphic description of anatomy and of sexual acts.

Scorching: Intense erotic scenes, may include BDSM and m/f/m or f/m/f menage.


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