Adventures of the Soul

an excerpt


When I was a little girl, there was a game we used to play. We would all sit in a circle, and one child, usually my oldest sister because she was always so bossy, would go first. She would start by making up a story and whispering it into the ear of the child next to her. Then that child would whisper it to the next child and so on and so on. Until the last child, usually me because I was the youngest, got to listen. Then I'd tell everyone out loud what had been whispered to me. By the time the story reached me it was always completely different than the one my sister had told. Well, that's how myths are. Someone doesn't hear something right, or they decide it would sound better a different way.

Don't get me wrong, there is always some truth to myths, but somewhere along the way they get complicated. Like the myth of Eros and Psyche. I'd like to set a few things straight and tell you what really happened...

Somehow or another a rumor got out that I was the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm not. But, well, let's just say that at least I've never had hair on my upper lip. That ought to put things into perspective. Anyway, Vee, the goddess of love, became jealous and sent her son after me--she's regretted it every day since--Gods bless her!

Cue likes to say it was love at first sight, but I think he exaggerates. He followed me around for about a month. After that, he coaxed Apollo to go to my parents. He told them to leave me on the cliff overlooking the valley.

Zephyr never carried me down to the valley. Instead, a voice in my head had told me to climb down. It wasn't as steep as you would think, but I like the Zephyr story better. By the time I got down that cliff and made it to Mansion in the Valley, it was dark, I was tired, and my feet were killing me.

I stumbled into the mansion and was set upon by Mama Rosalie. She fed me, coddled me, and hustled me off to bed. Cue woke me up a little later. Yes, it was dark and I couldn't see him. And yeah, as silly as it sounds, he told me not to try and see him. What an idiot. But, hey, he had his reasons. All of which you know, because that part of the myth is true, too, as is what followed. I got lonely and wanted my sisters to come for a visit.

They came and told me of their impending marriages and how things were back home. We had a lovely time until they found out I had no idea what my husband looked like. They both became hysterical. They were convinced I was married to a monster and I got all hysterical too. Hey, I was fifteen, and it was a totally different culture back then. My sisters left, the lamp incident followed, and Cue got all pissy. Knowing him it was probably the fact that I woke him up, not that I'd disobeyed him. He stormed off.

The trials with Vee followed; that part is also true. Except for the Hades thing. I've never been to the Underworld. Some say it was Cue who helped me with Vee's tasks, others say it was Zeus. It was Cue. I asked him once why he made me go through all that. He said he thought it would be fun to see if we could complete all the tasks. I don't believe it. He has a heck of a temper and was trying to teach me a lesson. It didn't work. I'm still not all that obedient, but he's learned to live with it.

Nine kids and a millennium later, Vee still hates me and the feeling is quite mutual. As for Cue and me... Had there been a happily ever after part? Oh yeah, that part is definitely true.