The Reluctant Thief

an excerpt

Chapter One

Remi spared a heated glance at the prick that was devouring her as if she were his last meal. Yeah, well she hoped he choked. She turned from the man that had once made her heart strum and stutter. Stupid bitch she was, God she was gullible. His heavy strides crossed the tiled floor slamming the door to his office shut on an earth-shattering crash that echoed over the open plan room. Without looking up, she continued trying to put the files in order.

'Was someone having a strop?'

God he knew she was dyslexic and he'd deliberately given her this job. Great, her A to frigging Z sucked, and the bastard knew it. Was he trying to get her in trouble?

Remi didn't look into the reasoning and stopped from answering that, she knew what the worm was like.

Richard Vinci was a mean son of a bitch; one that she'd honestly thought could be the "one," heck she could pick them. Remi hadn't had many relationships, mainly because of Jaxon, her over the top protective brother. He was a man whore who prided himself on fucking around. It was okay for him to do it, love and leave them without even knowing their names, double standards, bro, she muttered.

However, Remi's fanny had to be bathed in a halo of innocence. Yea like fuck, and she was frigging Mother Teresa.

Although her brother had been right in this instance, she could do a lot better than screwing the blond blue-eyed male that had everyone in the office drooling. Heck she hadn't been at the Metro long, before he'd made a play for her.

It was only her insatiable need for sex that had drawn Remi to him. At least she hoped it was that because otherwise it meant she was a shit judge of character.

Her boss the drop dead gorgeous Richard Vinci, ex-boyfriend and biggest frigging prat on earth was seriously deluded. Even after what he had done, he still maintained he loved her. Jack-shit, he only loved himself.

"You okay there, hun?" Judy the resident office bike gave her a sympathetic smile. "I did try to warn you."

At the hint of censure, what could she say? Judy and sex were as synonymous as cake and custard, you didn't have one without the other. She was a tart with a heart of gold and Remi loved her. Although her morals were questionable, because if the guy had a cock and a pulse, her knickers hit the deck. Neither did Judy keep it quiet, as far as she was concerned where was the harm in a quick jump.

Moreover, oh boy was she open about it, why she didn't place a frigging ad in the local paper advertising her free services was beyond Remi.

Twice they had called Judy into the boss's over the fact her ass had been on display on the photocopier along with some other parts. She'd survived getting fired and Remi had a gut feeling it was the blow job she'd given Richard yet never had the guts to ask. Until now.

"Did you?"

At once Judy gave a smile understanding her question, a small one teased at her shimmering pink lips. "Yep, I sucked him off to keep my job. Do you mind?"

Remi tried not to laugh at her nerve, not an ounce of embarrassment crossed her classically beautiful features. "No, we're so over, and besides the thought of taking a cock in my mouth, well it's gross." She dry heaved as if to express it.

Judy burst out laughing. "Well, hun, you haven't met the right man, because if you had then you'd crave to suck him, taste his sperm. To control and give him ecstasy."

Remi tried not to grimace as she read the honesty in her face but couldn't agree. Sorry a dick down her throat didn't do fuck all for her. No way was she the type to give it to him and not take enjoyment herself. The thought of a man's lips on her fanny was too intimate, a few had tried, but none had succeeded. Oral sex was overrated, and she wanted nothing to do with the disgusting act. "I doubt it and after this I'm staying away from men and sticking to what I know best." Remi grinned at Judy's frown. "Battery operated best friend."

"Either way you're better off without him, he sends shivers through me, as if…" Judy glanced around, her voice dripped out on a whisper. "There's something evil I sensed it, he's not what he seems."

Remi rolled her eyes at Judy's theatrics as if he were the next Jack the Ripper. "You got that right, because he was a two-timing bastard," huffed Remi trying to get the damn files in alphabetical order then in a fit of temper threw them to the floor. Just as Vinci walked out of his office.

His face harsh, he glanced at the mess before the arctic frostiness settled on her. "Now, in my office." Spinning around his words lingered in the air.

Remi gave a mock salute at her sanctimonious ex. "Yes, sir," she muttered. Ever heard of manners or please? With a wry grimace at Judy, did as he ordered.

She hesitated at the entrance to his office that was cooler than his chilled expression.

"Close the door."

A week ago, she'd have taken great delight in that request, and prowled towards him eager for his touch. Stolen delights at work added to the excitement.

Now the thought of his hands on her made her want to puke.

"Take a seat." He lounged back in the high chair that creaked with his weight, surveying her from beyond the huge desk.

She moved to the nearest one.


What the freaking hell difference did it make? Remi crossed to the seat he indicated. Next to the one she was about to settle her ass on. At his smirk, Remi realized he was a control freak. She'd become aware of that over the two months she'd been his fuck mate? Then she thought it was love, care, commitment, only now she realized it was his incessant need to demand, order and ensure she did exactly as he said.

For the first time ever she had kept something from her brother, and nothing was sacred between them. Yet she hadn't revealed the extent of Richard's control to Jaxon, knowing he'd go off on one. She had reasoned at the time that Richard was this phobic because he adored her, was concerned. Especially with the spate of recent murders that had suddenly occurred. All women and each one young. The fact she knew some of the details was that Jaxon had told her snippets. Not too much as he was working on the case, but enough to make her take precautions.

Releasing a sigh Remi realized she, had been a stupid bitch. Eight weeks with the egotistical, bastard and she'd been under his control.

Until that night. When she'd discovered his deceit.

Since then he'd alternated between a prat of an office manager and desperate ex-lover.

However, her crush, craving whatever you wanted to call it was over. The only plus side was that the jealous glances and vicious whispering had now turned to pity. Because he was relentless in his mission to make her life difficult. Remi was only thankful she worked part time; at least she could gain some relief from his bullying tactics.

She watched as he crossed his fingers and rested his chin on them, leaning forward he studied her. If he had a microscope she was convinced she'd be dissected so intense was his gaze.

His rich smooth voice that trickled out resembling warm fudge teased her. However, she wasn't fooled, not anymore because she'd been at the end of his sharp crisp vicious bark too many times lately.

"What am I to do with you, Remi?"

When she didn't answer he rose and padded around the desk to stand behind her. She tensed, the nerves in her stomach swirled and chomped with very real fear. Of what she didn't know, but his tenacious need to own her scared the crap out of Remi.

She flinched when his hands rested on her shoulders. Soft, yet his fingers soon dug in, claiming. "You do realize you're mine, that you won't be leaving me. Ever."

"In your dreams, Richard, we're through, now if this isn't about work I'm leaving." She tried to rise, his hands kept her down, pushing and needling into her. Remi knew she'd have bruises from the contact. "Let me up." Despite the fear she reasoned nothing would happen, Judy and a host of office staff were outside, he couldn't do anything.

"No, we're not through until I say we're over, I call the shots, Remi." His mouth rested against her throat, hot breath coated her skin. A splurge of goose bumps rose at his lick, wet and repulsive his tongue dragged across her throat. "You. Are. Mine."

"In. Your. Dreams." Bit out Remi determined to remind him. "What about your secretary? It brings a whole new meaning to the words can you take this down. Because you did!"

"It was nothing, she was nothing I swear," he muttered against her ear, nipping at her lobe. "There's no need to be jealous."

Instead of a shiver her skin crawled. "I'm not. Now fuck the hell off, I saw you getting up close and personal with your secretary, and you know what?" Remi's temper kicked in. She ripped forward away from him before turning. "I really don't give a damn, when I saw that pale ass of yours pounding into her, it made me sick. How the hell I actually had sex with you freaking shocks me."

"Bitch. You loved me grinding into you, even screamed my name urging me on." His eyes glimmered, changing from cold to burning hot, vibrant and Remi shuddered.

"No, I screamed through frustration, because you were a crap rub and I wanted you to st…" Her words halted as he shifted forward and smacked her mouth with the back of his hand the force sending her to the floor.

He towered over her, his expression harsh as his chest expanded dragging in air. "I swear you'll pay for that, bitch."

Remi glared up at him, reaching for the knife that Jaxon made her wear on a band around her thigh. At the time she thought him crazy, but he'd insisted. Besides she felt a bit like Lara Croft, forget sexy underwear. This little diamond blew her away.

She held it out, pleased at the shock on his face, how he stayed back.

"You're right to be afraid, Richard." Scrambling to her feet she held the blade in front of her wishing her hand would stop shaking. At this rate she'd drop the bloody thing. "One move and I swear I'll do time." Remi swallowed and prayed he thought she'd actually stab him. Heck she couldn't take out a spider and she hated them. Then swiped at her lip that dribbled with blood.

He stood without fear as if reading her thoughts whilst his face wore an edge of annoyance. "You'll regret this, but when I take payback, then you'll recall my words now leave."

Remi hesitated, it appeared too easy, then veering to the side slipped the knife back in its holster. She cricked her head studying him, unsure of what his next move would be.

A crawl of fear crumbled through her bones, this wasn't over, and Richard wasn't going away.

Stumbling towards the door Remi almost tripped over in her haste to escape him. Slamming the door behind her she moved swiftly to her desk keeping her head down. She couldn't miss the curious peeks from the other women in the open plan office.

Judy cocked her head, then gasped. "What the hell happened to your face?"

"Richard hit me." Suddenly she began to tremble, the seriousness of his act slammed home. Pulling out some tissues from the box she kept on her desk she cursed how her hand trembled.

"Jesus H Christ, report the bastard to HR."

"No, I need this job, I don't think he'll do it again, it was a one off," muttered Remi wishing Judy wouldn't hover around resembling an irritating fly.

"You don't know that, this is a sacking offence." Critically Judy studied her face. "You'll have a bruise on your cheek and that split lip looks sore."

"It is."

"Come on, I'll go with you to put a complaint in."

Remi shook her head. "Leave it Judy, I know you mean well, but it's my word against his."

"It's also the state of your face, hun."

"Look I'm not doing anything accept keeping my job and keeping my head down. Besides you forget who owns this company."

"Honey, I could never forget that, I've only seen him once, and fuck me…" Her lips curled into a thoughtful smile. "That man is pure male, makes every other one appear fragile." She shook her head. "Don't know what it is about him but I want to fuck him."

Despite what had happened Remi couldn't stop her chuckle. "So that makes him mister average and so not exceptional, because you'd fuck anything."

Judy laughed, her tinkle broke over the air. "Yep, but this time I'd remain his one and only, given the chance."

Remi snorted. "Well either way, this Nick Coletto isn't the type of guy to take on board that his manager hits his staff around."

"How do you figure that out?" asked Judy.

"Because he's into drug dealing and this company is apparently a front, one that he uses to launder his money."

"How come you know that?"

"It's common knowledge, no one messes with that man. He's everything that is bad so no way will he listen to my side of the story." Remi gave a shake of her head. "Basically, Judy, the guy might be good looking, but he's got a black soul."

"Honey, I'm not trying to redeem him, I simply want to fuck the bastard. Plus the fact he's a bad ass, well it kinda makes him hotter than hot."

"You're sick bitch," laughed Remi, then winced at the sharp twinge, God she had a low pain threshold.

"Yep, but at least I'm honest."

Remi closed her eyes and blew out a sigh, relieved her lip had finished bleeding she dreaded facing Jaxon. How to explain what happened without her brother wanting to kill Richard the prick Vinci.