an excerpt

Chapter One

Lucy tumbled out of bed holding her head, certain it were split in two. She was never drinking again. Her stomach rolled and churned as she attempted to weave a path through her room to the nearby bathroom. Then caught a glimpse of herself in the cabinet on the wall. Frigging hell, she was green. Tossing two tablets down her throat, she knocked Albert off the chair he was snoozing on.

"Out, I need to shower."

"Well, you could have asked, you miserable bitch, why I'm saddled with you I don't know." He stuck his tail up in the air, his whiskers bristled and the large tom cat strode through the door. "I'm going to report you to the union."

"Whatever, you think this face looks bothered?"

"No, it looks like you should only be out on All Hallows."

Lucy slammed the door shut and, dropping to her knees, threw up in the toilet. Great way to start the day, girl. Peering through slitted eyes into a vomit ridden pan. She clutched her stomach heaving whilst the tears dripped down her face. Never again am I drinking with that woman. Capricorn was a sump, she'd necked shot after shot, and stupidly, Lucy had tried to keep up. Why? Hell, she knew it was impossible, but no, she'd challenged and Lucy couldn't refuse. So five foot two of small but curvy had tried to match six foot plus of pure amazon.

Game over. She vaguely recalled someone fetching her home, who the frigging hell it was though she couldn't remember. An hour of standing beneath the shower revived her and she ambled into her room, a large towel wrapped around her body. She peered at the blanket moving on her bed, when a head poked out Lucy screamed.

"Morning." The strange male pushed the sheets back and rose.

Lucy was thankful he was fully clothed. That she hadn't fucked him. Or at least he hadn't fucked her while she was comatose. "Er, who are you?"

His laughter rocked through the air followed by an irritating nasally snort. "Ed. I brought you home; you were worse for wear, but so was I." He trod towards her.

She glanced down to the ridge in his trousers. It was obvious he was a morning person, well tough, she wasn't. Edging to the door, Lucy opened it, groaning at the bra that dangled from the handle. Swiping it, she off threw it behind her. "Well, thank you and all that, can you see yourself out?"

He closed the distance.

Okay, he wanted more than pleasantries, or something along those lines.

"Can't we carry on from last night?"

"Nope, wherever that was, next question?" Hell, he was a minger, she couldn't half pick them.

He twirled a lock of her hair.

She swiped at his hand. "Don't touch what you can't afford."

"You're not being very nice. How about a thank you kiss something to remember you by?"

"How about a knee in the balls, you won't forget that," she replied smiling sweetly.

His fingers edged the hem of her towel. "Now if I were to yank, what do you think would happen?"

She gave him her soft I'm-a-helpless-little-girl smile. Lucy loved rodents and what better revenge than to change the little shit into one, he deserved it. Placing a hand on his shoulder, muttered beneath her breath. Lucy stared down at the rat on the floor. "This. Now out, there's a cat flap downstairs you can use, thought as you've got the personality of a rat you could spend a day in its body."

Albert rose off the stool and stretched. "Suppose I'd better make sure he leaves, might give him a little scare."

"You could have helped me, you know?"

"Why? If you hadn't got so pissed and picked a stranger up, this wouldn't have happened."

"You're my familiar?"

"Don't remind me and I'm not a counselor, although I advise you to make an appointment."

"Shut up, you miserable git." She glared at the know-it-all as he stalked through the door, he always had to have the last word.

"He's right you know," purred Martha.

"Have you hit your head, you never agree with him." Lucy threw her towel on the bed and slipping into black leggings reached for her boots.

"You need to stop getting so pissed, it's the fourth time this week." Martha gave a snap of her tail and began washing her chocolate face.

Lucy glared at her. So the smartass could count. "Will you shut up, I'm young it's called having a good time."

"More like acting irresponsibly; you do realize what you're guarding, don't you? What your duties are?"

She slapped a hand to her forehead, then winced as her cranium exploded. Not a good move. "Oh God, here we go again, I'm fed up of hearing about the Book of frigging Souls. Why couldn't someone else be its keeper?"

"I've asked myself that same question, over and over. But you were chosen selected by the federation, and unfortunately I came with it." Martha prowled around the room. "I sense Maxwell seeking it out. You'll need to be vigilant, and getting so pissed that you don't even know your name isn't quite what I've got in mind."

"Yea, yea, stop going on about it. Why does he want the book? What's so magical about it?"

Martha's eyes narrowed to slits of disgust. "You haven't even bothered researching it, that's all the interest you've shown."

"Look, unless it tells me how to create a great cocktail, or how to achieve a screaming orgasm I don't want to know."

"You're disgusting."

A loud yowl rent the air as Lucy's boot connected with the Siamese's ass. "And you're disrespectful, so live with it." She headed to the small kitchen and poured a rich dark coffee taking a deep breath the pungent aroma filled her nostrils. Lucy gripped the over large mug emblazoned with 'I'm as bored as a slut on her period' and dropped down the stairs. There was a lot to say for having your place of work below where you lived.

Lucy pulled the blinds and squinted at the light that poured in. It lit up the room, one half of which housed hundreds of books. Whilst the other resembled a chemist-come-beauty salon. Only what Lucy sold there were her magic potions. If she had to remain closeted with boring books, she intended earning a bit on the side. Her business was doing well out of her sexual line.

Even though the town of Darkfalls was home to several types of shifters they lived alongside humans whilst she was thankfully the only witch. Lucy took advantage of the situation as a true entrepreneur, and if there was money to be made, well, she wouldn't turn it down. She just hoped her mother or one of the old crones on the committee of the federation wouldn't make an unexpected visit. Because she was supposed to be guarding the sodding book, not running a sex line alongside a respectable shop.

She smiled thinking of the women, and some of the men that came to her for advice and her special treats. Her love spells were extremely popular it was just a shame she couldn't conjure up a lover herself. A stunning male that would be hers.

Lucy slapped a hand between her legs at the thought, then glanced at her battered broom. No, she couldn't, she was still recovering from her fall last week into the brambles. Riding it astride, she'd discovered during a bumpy patch on the currents how her clit had responded. Since then several times she'd had an intense orgasm on her flights, only she hadn't managed the climax successfully, losing control and crashing after each one.

A soft smile creased her features, but it had been worth it.

Now if only a man could make her feel so special and give her a screaming orgasm. Lucy swore if she found one then she wouldn't be letting him go, no way, no how.